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Little things || Jack Atlas x Fem!Reader
Showing that you care about her
"You're such an idiot", Jack grumbled as he placed the now empty bowl on the nightstand beside the bed. Sniffing loudly and disgustingly, you snuggled more and more into the soft blanket and mattress of your bed.
You just got yourself sick yesterday because of your special five minutes.
"That's what you get for running around at night when it rains!", the Atlas huffed and crossed his arms, never taking his purple-ish eyes of your lazy smiling form.
"But- But I like rain", you replied, trying to stand up for yourself, while coughing and gave him a stupid, yet tired grin.
"Shut up, that's not an excuse", he scoffed and you whined: "Why can't you be as cool as Crow sometimes?"
"I'm way cooler than that carrot head!", he yelled in disagreement and held his chin high as he gave you a tiny smirk. "Besides, you should feel honored that I'm taking care of you."
A small chuckle escaped your mouth.
"You're right, thank you, Jack", you smiled a
:iconfeeniecchi:Feeniecchi 159 28
notchts by Sharonio notchts :iconsharonio:Sharonio 5 2
Orochimaru X reader Part 1
It was a cold rainy day , you could hear the rain pounding on the roof and every now and then a cold breeze would sweep through the room . Looking out into the darkness you try to remember how you even got where you were at the moment . The past week had been a complete mess , you were vanished from your village . It hurt to even think about what had happend . You had been wandering around for awhile until you met a misterious ninja , then everything had gone black . You had no idea how long you've been here , all you knew was you were probually going to die . All of a sudden you heard the creak of a old wooden door , a thin beam of dim gray shot threw the dark slightly iluminating the small room . A voice said " Orochimaru wants to see you ". The realization of the danger you were facing took hold . It seemed your veins would burst from the pounding of the blood flowing through them . Orochimaru , the man you've heard so many horrible stories about . What is he planning to do to me ?
:iconfallen-warrior-008:FALLEN-WARRIOR-008 14 16
Mature content
Orochimaru X Reader - Sneaky Hentai :iconc4a2todd:C4A2Todd 23 6
Orochimaru X Reader - Sneaking, Snaking, Snaked
Of course you shouldn’t have to drink, of course you shouldn’t have to get drunk, and of course you should have just go to sleep instead rambling around Otogakure at night and getting into trouble, but you just couldn’t stop yourself.
So there you were, walking lazily in the moonlight, enjoying the silence and peace, daydreaming – or should I say nightdreaming? – when you bumped into a window. It was just an ordinary one, pane, glass, all that windowish stuff with some dirt in the corners, but it was wide open. Whose house is this? You tried to remember, but the usually perfect map in your head was liquefied at the moment. You should remember… Aww, who cares remembering? Better just go in and see.
So you climbed through the window, thinking you can be a child only once (and, alas, that sweet times are long gone) but you can be immature forever. Jeez, I’m too old for this kinda fun… But who gives a shit?
The house were dark and bigger than
:iconc4a2todd:C4A2Todd 60 15
Orochimaruxreader-Requested :)-part 2
Chapter 2-training and the mission
"Ugh,why do we have to be up at dawn it's to early sensei!"Juraiya yawned."Fool!For training!"Tsunadae snapped."Tsunadae,where do you get all that energy from?"you yawn.She turned to you and just shrugged."Is it really a lot?"She asks."Yes!"you and Juraiya say in unison.You glance over at Orochimaru,even he was tired but he didn't show it like you and Juraiya did.Orochimaru looks at you and you just turn away."Okay,I want you four to try and take these bells from me."the sensei said holding up three bells."But there's only three bells and there's for of us."You start."Which means one of us will end up without a bell and likely tied to a pole."Orochimaru finished.You turn and give him a glare."I wasn't asking you."you mumble."Yeah c'mon _____!Lets make sure we out do these two!"Juraiya said."Definitely!"you say giving him a high five.
~After the training~
"Juraiya!I thought you said we were going to show them up,but you w
:iconhetaliagirl101:hetaliagirl101 37 13
GPI: Imhotep by evenica GPI: Imhotep :iconevenica:evenica 138 6 GOLDFISHlove by blackBanshee80 GOLDFISHlove :iconblackbanshee80:blackBanshee80 327 24
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HEADSHOT (from the top of the head to shoulders): 11$ + extra char 8$ 
+ simple background 3$

BUST  (from the top of the head to the the ribs): 14$ + extra char 11$
+ simple background 4$
HALFBODY (from the top of the head to the hips/ to the thighs ): 21$ + extra char 15$
+ simple background 6$
FULLBODY  (from the top of the head to the feet ): 26$ + extra char 18$
+ simple background 8$
Finished PayPal commissions:
:iconblack-pantheress:Black-pantheress 130 212
About commissions - prices and rules.

Hi there, everyone.
Before commissioning me, please read this journal. And if You have a question about it, please leave a comment. When You decide on commission, send me a note if I can take it and then You can send me an Ordering Form with details. You can find it under all types of commissions.
Important notes, please read:
Important note: I'd preferably take money commissions.
Important note 2: if You're commissioning me, please check Your notes from time to time. I always send a sketch and a line art for accepting, without it I won't finish Your commission.

:bulletblue::bulletblue:Point commissions/ Money commissions:bulletblue::bulletblue:
:bulletblue:I DO:
- Fanarts
- OCs
- Pervy/ecchi
- Yaoi/ yuri (as long as it's not R-18+)
:bulletblue:I DON'T DO:
- Animals
- Mecha
- Furry/anthro (including ponies)
- Porn/ hentai
- Realism
:iconjeanette-black:Jeanette-Black 23 45
Commission Info
Hello! I've been wanting to do commissions for quite a while so this is what I have to offer: 
Currency: USD ($)
($1= 100:points:)
Headshot/ Bust up
$10/1000 :points:
(No extra characters)

Close headshot (Style 2)
$7/700 :points:
(No extra characters)

Half body
$15/1500 :points:
Extra character:+$10/1000 :points:

Full body 
$25/2500 :points:
Extra character:+$20/2000 :points:

$8/800 :points:
Extra character:+$4/400 :points:

Flower crown <
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Commissions ARE OPEN FOREVER!!!
Commissions, Trades: Open | Gifts: Ask | Requests: Closed


More info about this commission: Simple background included.
Payment Info
Style (Reference):
Personality: (Your Reference)
Pricing: $20
Accepted payments: PayPal, Points.
To order: fill out the form to the right and note me
:iconmotaii:Motaii 106 63
PAYPAL and Point Commissions: OPEN!
* * *  *  
I know my list is long but I will work as fast and best I can. But still, if you're willing to wait about 3-5 weeks for it, send me a note. Thank you for commissioning me guys. I live from that money, pay my college, food and everything I need for drawing even more <3
Point Right  No deadlines
Point Right  I don't draw hentai/nudity/pornography
Point Right  You can only have 1 addition character on 1 picture, the 3rd one counts as start price
e.g. Start price 20 USD, additional character +7 USD
1 character = 20 USD
2 characters = 20 +7 = 27 USD
3 characters = 20 +7+20 =
:iconknilzy95:knilzy95 58 112
Mature content
Kinks: Public Sex - Jack Atlas X Reader :iconalyxwheatley4ever:AlyXWheatley4Ever 139 11
No Gods Or Kings (Jack X Reader / Atlas X Reader)
AN: Hello all, I’m back! I’m back with a request for a BioShock request from ndanniwetrust, for a Jack Ryan X Reader/ Atlas X Reader story. The request was for the reader to have been a business rival of Frank Fontaine who gets blackmailed into being one of his henchmen after he adopts the alias of Atlas. Basically, the reader aids Jack Ryan by request of Atlas but inevitably ends up leading Jack to his demise, without knowing it. Along the way the reader begins to develop feelings for Jack and Atlas. So there is going to be a love triangle aspect to this story with some angst and fluff. Disclaimer: I do not own the BioShock series or its characters. As always I hope I did the prompt justice and I hope you all enjoy, especially ndanniwetrust, for requesting it!
You groaned quietly as the voice on the other end of your radio began calling out to you. It was impossible to find a moment of peace in a place like Rapture; at one point it might have been a safe haven for the crea
:iconvideogameimagines:videogameimagines 11 4

Newest Deviations

Daughter Of Iron Man (Part 2)
Daughter of Iron Man
Biography of Raven Stark (Lifa Artemis Aesir Odinson)
Part 2
((I had forgotten in the last one, to include what Raven's powers and abilities since she is a Goddess. This is still from her point of view.))
Raven's P.O.V.
My powers mostly come from my mother since I am a girl, however I do have one thing from my father. And that is brute strength. I know I don't look that strong, but I am, believe me.
My mother is Artemis of Olympus and my father is Thor of Asgard.
Now, for my powers: I can summon a white bow and white arrows. I am an expert archer and I never miss my target. My mother was a great archer as well. The elements are my allies, and I can summon them whenever I want. If I need the power of fire, it's there for me. If I need the power of wind, it is there for me as well. Animals are my friends and allies too. The main animals that help me are wolves and tigers. If I need them in a fight, I can summon my best companion, a giant wolf named Alexis. She will a
:iconmissraven19:MissRaven19 0 0
Daughter Of Iron Man
Biography of Raven Stark, Daughter of Iron Man.
From her Point Of View.
Hmm, how do I begin? Well, I guess I should start with my name. My name is Raven Stark. My dad is Tony Stark, in other words, Iron Man. I am 18 years old and am currently living with my dad. However, he isn't my real father. My real father is Thor, the God of Thunder. And my mother is the Greek Goddess Artemis. My real name is Artemis Lifa Aesir Odinson. Long name huh? Well, both my parents named me. But yes, I am a Goddess myself. The reason why I am living on Earth instead of Asgard or Olympus, is because my mother is a Greek Goddess, and my Father is a Norse God. Both my Grandfathers said that I was to live on Earth for that reason. So I've lived here since I was born. My mother keeps in contact with me, by coming to see me in my dreams. My father however does not keep in contact with me in any way... But that's okay, because I have a dad here on earth. And he is awesome. He even taught me how to make my own Sui
:iconmissraven19:MissRaven19 0 1
Loki Laufeyson by MissRaven19 Loki Laufeyson :iconmissraven19:MissRaven19 3 0 Thor Odinson by MissRaven19 Thor Odinson :iconmissraven19:MissRaven19 6 0 Iron Man by MissRaven19 Iron Man :iconmissraven19:MissRaven19 7 2


Hello to everyone, my name is Lianna, but please call me by my nickname Raven. I know that I have not posted anything on here as of yet, but I am working on some stories which I will post onto here. The stories are a little slow in production because I have been depressed for quite a while now, and when I am depressed I have writer's block. However, if everything goes my way I should be writing them again very soon and they will be on here shortly after I have finished them. To let a little spoiler slip out, my stories are about The Avengers, such as Iron Man and Thor, Loki and such. So yes, I am a huge fan of Marvel. I am also writing Anime stories. I pretty much always use my own Characters for my stories. I think it makes them more unique that way. I do so hope that you will like my stories once they have been posted. And if they get good feedback, then I will post more. 

Also, I plan on maybe changing my username on here. I'll have to see about that since I have to get Premium membership to do that. 

Thank you all for being patient with me. 



MissRaven19's Profile Picture
Lianna Sandoval
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
Hey! My name is Lianna but please call me Raven. I'm a Goth, Otaku, Fujoshi, Fangrl, Hiddlestoner, Geek, Nerd, Gamer Girl, Anon, YGO Duelist. I am in many fandoms but 1 of my favorites is the Supernatural Fandom. I am also proudly in Loki's Army. Hehe. I love being who I am. My loves are: Makeup, Beauty, Fashion, Cosplay, Reading, Writing, Music, Fantasy, Anime, Manga, Yaoi, Wolves, Animals, Angels, Fallen Angels, Dragons, nything paranormal and Superntural, Mermaids, Drawing, Painting, Disney, Marvel. I am a writer, and have written a lot so far. I am in the process of writing a book. I do like to draw a bit but I don't think I'm that good at it. ^^ I also love anything Japanese too and I hope to move to Japan soon. I also want to both visit and move to Ireland too. I'm very shy, but I am a nice and sweet person. I am in love with Loki Laufeyson, and Tom Hiddleston. One of my favorite hobbies is Role Playing. I have many different OC's. I really love making new friends, in real life and online. My other favorite hobby is playing video games and singing. I am also hoping to start a YouTube channel very soon.

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